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E Shortway is an turkish company for smart solution and systems and e-commerce based in istanbul.

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Eshortway Series Stories

2014: we begain on first project E-vochur system.

2015:we start in our project and provided our parteners.

2016:we developed our system to be a international specifiction.

2017:we now having several system for e-commerce and we ready to provied our service to customers to be their work for the better.

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if you have any electronically idea and want to implement dont worry we have solution

we have a professional team for all technical solution we can help you if you have corporation or company or you have project just contact us




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                                                                                                                                        طريقك للنجاح

1. We work through active research and development in the field of e-sales and e-marketing to bring the best and latest technologies for processing electronic payment transactions. We also make use of the web technologies to communicate and interact with clients
2. Build a long lasting trust relationship with our customers.
3. Solve our clients problems by providing a systematic solutions and a more practical smart solutions
4. Increase the sales volume and build success stories

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Our Business Solution

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This is how your eCommerce projet begain we will provied you all systems that you need just contact us and  let the thing on us

how you can be our partner

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how you can be our partener

you just select our system and solution that you suits and we will give you full informaiton and support  that you need and then we will be honored


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intellectual property rights and publishing

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intellectual property rights and publishing